"Port Arthur High School"
1500 Lakeshore Drive, Port Arthur, Texas
1909 - 1932

"Thomas Jefferson Senior High School"
3501 12th Street, Port Arthur, Texas
1933 - 1959


In 1933 "Port Arthur High School" was relocated from 1500 Lakeshore drive to "Thomas Jefferson Junior High School" 3501 12th Street.  The High School's name was changed to "Thomas Jefferson  Senior High School" and the building on Lakeshore Drive was renamed "Woodrow Wilson Junior High School"

"Thomas Jefferson Senior High School"
2200 Jefferson Drive (formerly "Stadium Road", Port Arthur, Texas
1960 - 2002


In 1960 "Thomas Jefferson High School" was relocated to 2200 Jefferson Drive (formerly "Stadium Road".  The former TJHS building was renamed "Thomas A Edison Junior High School"


While visiting the "Old TJ building" on 12th Street photos were taken of places of interest, especially for the Alumni who attended this grand old building.  Three photos below.  More to follow from time to time

While viewing the inside court yard from the second floor I recalled that the filled in concrete grass was once a beautiful pond.  There was some sort of inscription placed by the pond.  



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